The European countries are not strong enough to guarantee safety and prosperity to their citizens by themselves. Consequently, they persist to lock themselves in their national structures, and it is obviously a political dead end, or they make the winning bet of a closer political integration within the European Union.


A new movement for the same future in Europe

We need a new political force which is devoted to the promotion of European integration. This force must be resolved to fight for European solutions to be carried out during the next great political battles. This force must hold the European debate within our societies and works with constancy with this objective, as well at European level as national, regional and local level. We do not want Europe to be the result of the lowest common denominator but we need Europe to be based on the guarantee of a shared history and the will to live our political future together.

Common values

The values of solidarity and freedom determine our model of European economic development: social market economy. This model represents the European democracy, which seeks to reconcile as well the protection of the social and cultural rights as civil and economic freedoms of its fellow-citizens. The Fundamental rights symbolize the European Union, the only democracy in the world to write all their principles in its Constitution.

Democrat vision for Europe

The democratic vision of a prosperous and a peaceful Europe is a common project based on common values. A vision shared by the new generation of European statesmen, determined to follow in their elders' footsteps, the road of a closer integration of Europe, the stability of our continent anchor. Their values will guide the European democrats in their action today and tomorrow to serve the political Union.


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