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Venerdì 20 Ottobre 2017
Commenting on the conclusions of the European Council held today in Brussels, Marielle de SARNEZ, Secretary General of the European Democrats, said:   “I welcome the ambitious work programme adopted by the Heads of State and Government which aims to give the EU a new impetus for the 2019… Scopri di più
Mercoledì 27 Settembre 2017
À l'occasion de l'Université du Mouvement Démocrate, le Parti Démocrate européen organise ses Journées de l'Europe à Guidel, en Bretagne, les 29 et 30 septembre prochains… Scopri di più
Lunedì 3 Luglio 2017
The European Democratic Party Council has been held in Coimbra (Portugal), on June 30 2017. After the French elections and the decisve role played by MoDem in Emmanuel Macron's… Scopri di più
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